A well designed lighting installation can make your home even more beautiful.

Interior Lighting

If you need a well-designed lighting scheme to brighten up your home then we are the perfect choice. Our electrical service have expertise in designing and installing bespoke lighting solutions to enhance experiences in your home.

We can help you choose the best solution to fit your requirements and illuminate your home to highlight features and be functional depending on your and your families needs.

Good lighting is safe and functional and can change the mood or ambience of a room or an entire house. Whether you need a bright and welcoming hallway entrance or a calming and relaxing bedroom lighting scheme, we are able to help.

Outdoor Lighting

You may be thinking about fitting lighting to add to the security of your property or you may be thinking about having lighting fitted in your garden so that you extend your evenings outside and your enjoyment of your garden or outside space.

Security Lighting

With the increased crime levels, it can be sensible to have outside security lights fitted in strategic places outside your home.

Security lights detect and deter intruders and also increase the feeling of safety in your home. Our electricians can also simply replace failed security lights if necessary. Call us now on 020 3078 5925.

Outdoor and garden lighting

Outdoor lighting is really useful if you want to use your garden or outdoor space in the evenings. We are often limited to how long we stay outdoors only by the dark nights.

After a family BBQ or party, there is nothing nicer than switching on the outdoor lights and staying outside for another few hours. Combine the lighting with a patio heater, and you have the makings of a fabulous evening.

Outdoor and garden lighting can create some fantastic effects if you want to look out onto your outside space or garden from the comfort of your home. You can strategically place lighting (white or coloured) at the bases of trees so that the trees are illuminated or you may prefer the twinkling of fairy lights on structures and trees.

These lighting effects can look quite amazing on dark nights. Our electricians are available to come and provide you with an estimate on 020 3078 5925.

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Electrician Prices

Our competitive rates are fixed and we always advise of any charges up-front that are associated with the work we do for you.

    • Monday - Friday
    • £45.00
    • from 8.00am - 5.30pm
    • 5.30pm - 12am - £47.50
    • Saturday
    • £50.00
    • from 8.00am - 5.30pm
    • 5.30pm - 12am - £60.00

The rates shown above are per HALF HOUR & are subject to VAT.
Please note there is a minimum 1 hour charge, then we charge by the half hour.
Parking, materials, removal of rubbish / waste and waste disposal costs are in addition to labour costs.

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